Conservative Republican candidate with a heart for Marion County, a head for business, and proven leadership ability.

-Glen Fiorello | Ocala, Florida

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West

Glen Fiorello , Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida

Glen Fiorello 
Proven track record of Leadership not politics...

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My Platform:

Glen FiorelloCarl Zalak
Supports Police, Fire, Ambulance and Our Court SystemShowed No Leadership or Options for Public Safety
Would Never Waste 20 Million Dollars in Corporate WelfareSupported New Business in Another County with No Return
Supports Senior CitizensRejected 61% Voter Approved Amendment #11
Against Animal CrueltyDid Not Consider the Will of the People Regarding Tethering
Supports ALL CitizensFavors Big Business Campaign Contributors
Always Pays His Bills and Never Uses His Position to Avoid PayingInitially Refused to Pay County Solid Waste Department Charges
Never Spends Money on Unnecessary ProjectsIncreased Government Spending by Voting to Purchase Private Business

In Our Community:
  • Historical Commission Board Member
  • Marion County Library Board Member
  • President Community Council Against Substance Abuse
  • Animal Care Task Force Member
  • Life Time Member Florida Sheriff Association
  • Leadership Ocala Marion Class III
  • Blessed Trinity Parishioner

In Our County:
  • County Commissioner 1988-1992
  • Manager/Director Building Department

In Business:
  • Owner - Personalized Construction Corp. 
  • Owner - Personalized Waste Management Corp.

Over 50 years of management experience in 
construction and waste management. 

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